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This site is dedicated to south Indian sub regional movie industry where popular as mallu movie industry. There are lots of movies were released in past two decades of this cinema and this movie industry creates some talented actresses to South Indian mainstream cinema .

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rare Photos of Hot Mallu Jayalalitha

By: Aruna On: 9:26 PM
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  • Jayalalitha is one of the most attractive actresses in Telugu cinema and she also performed several movies in Tamil movies too. Jayalalitha is a part of South Indian mainstream movie and she also acted several mallu masala movies in Tamil and Telugu languages. Jayalalitha can consider as one of the extremely hot actress who got great talent in performance arts. She uses her sense of glamorness to enhance the spice of the masala movies. Jayalalitha performed several memorable characters in mallu masala movie and she acted several numbers of mallu masala movie with mainstream telugu movies. Following are several glamour photo collections of this super hot actress Jayalalitha form mallu masala movies.


     Mallu Jayalalitha



    Hot Mallu Jayalalitha

    Monday, August 18, 2014

    Mallu Masala MalayalaMalayalmm Vintage Actress Prameela hot photos

    By: Aruna On: 12:01 PM
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  • Prameela hotPrameela is one of talented retro actress in Malayalam movie and she is pinoor of hot and glamour actress in South Indian Malayalam cinema. This actress got the real skill on performing glamour roles and she is much popular in late 70s and 80s decades of mentioned cinema. Prameela also acted several mallu masala movies during her cinema career even after 30 to 40 years some of her glamour performance were still memorable. There are so many sensual performance of this hot and seductive performer available on youtube and she is considered as the most glamor vamp actress in Malayalam cinema in those days. She acted quite few movies compare to other glamor actresses and most of her movies only based on Malayalam language. Prameela is the sexiest actress in south Indian Malayalam cinema on those days and she got great figure which got temptation attraction from the audience. Following are several glamour photo collections of this super hot actress Prameela form mallu masala movies.

    Several hot and sexy images of Mallu Movie actress prameela form her Malayalam movies

    Prameela hot actress

    Actress Prameela

    Actress Prameela

    Actress Prameela hot

    Actress Prameela hot

    Malayalam actress Prameela

    Thursday, August 7, 2014

    Sharmili Mallu Masala Hot Movie Actress Rare Photos

    By: Aruna On: 9:30 AM
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  • Sharmili Mallu ActressSharmili is another controversial popular star in south Indian Malayalam cinema as well as Mallu masala movies. She has great sense of humor and she also like to perform glamor performance in front of audience. Sharmili is quite fat actress compare to other actress in Mallu masala movie industry and she acted quite few movies in mallu masala movies compare to other mallu masala actresses.Sharmili is another attractive actress who got the chance to survive in clash of the Mallu masala movie industry . Here are several photos of this super hot and seductive mallu masala movie actress Sharmili.

    Photos of Mallu Masala Movie Actress Sharmili  

    Thursday, July 24, 2014

    Retro South Indian Mallu Item Actress Alphonsa

    By: Aruna On: 11:15 AM
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  • AlphonsaAlphonsa is very attractive movie actress who is much popular for her vamp characters and Item song dances. This hot actress performed more movies in Tamil language and she also appear in several hot movies actress supportive characters too. Alphonsa also performed supportive role which enrich glamor in mainstream south Indian Tamil ,Telugu and Malayalam movies and also performed several low budget hot movies too. Here are several glamor picture collection of this super hot mallu movie star Alphonsa.

    Alphonsa Actress

    Alphonsa hot

    Alphonsa Mallu

    Alphonsa actress

    This South Indian Actress got great talent on performance arts compare to other south Indian mallu masala actresses.